Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The War with Iran

If CNN has said it once, they have said it a hundred times: Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do. They almost make it sound like a good thing. These days it doesn't matter what you say you will do - if you simply do it it's a good thing. The first two weeks of a Trump administration have been unprecedented in American politics. At his pace, America and many other countries will be immersed in a new war. American citizens, being on the lowest tier of need to know, will be the last to know. But I know. And I am planning. How do you plan for a sudden, supposedly unexpected catastrophic event such as a major war? You save money, stock up on food. You think ahead of what you might have to do in a country at war and the political economics that come with it. You save money and you prepare your home as if you might have to live for several months without access to the normal amenities. You plan to protect yourself and family in case the local infrastructure fails. You can pray if you want, but God probably does not accept responsibility to cure upheavals of a rogue human condition. The war of Christianity versus Islam is one many Americans want. I don't want it, but it seems I am part of a minority who oppose it. So we must relent and cannot stop this madness that moves toward confrontation. It seems Trump and his handler Bannon have selected Iran as their choice to battle. But we can beat Iran, right? Right?